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Because handmade always has a story

Luce Quilts

Bright Patchwork Color Combinations that Pop

Many people have asked why I choose to call my wall hangings textile art vs. quilted wall hangings---why with a name like Luce Quilts is not everything done and showcased in the traditional manner? 

Nothing I do follows the rules of tradition. Quilting and Creating Textile Art means that I am painting with thread-- using fabric color combinations, thread color and varying quilting stitches to create texture-- and allowing colors to pop by way of being next to another color perfectly chosen.

Traditionally a quilt is made by sewing together three layers of fabric. The three are quilted together so that the designs quilted on the top layer can in fact be seen on the bottom layer as well. In my case-- I choose to frame my works and quilt through TWO layers. Why? My quilting designs are based and integrated with the fabric and color of the top fabric, the focus of the art piece.

The backside stitching is unrelated to the finished project.

Though I do bind some projects-- quilting through all three layers in a limited fashion--I believe a framed work looks tidier on the wall or placed on a bookshelf. Moreover the color of the mat can help accentuate colors of the work. I'm excited this coming year to be joining some contests. These typically require a project to be quilted through three layers, bound-- with an envelope/flap of sorts to facilitate the work being hung on a rod. I prefer the stability of a frame to allow people to look at my work-- vs.-- handling the excessive wiggling that happens without a frame.