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Because handmade always has a story

Luce Quilts

Bright Patchwork Color Combinations that Pop

Would the world be a better place if we all gave handmade gifts and remembered to still hand write and mail greeting cards? Our mini-worlds, would they change? I believe our relationships with others would be stronger if we took the time to recognize friendships and events by pen.

I was brought up writing thank you cards. To this day my mother still mails articles and tid-bits of interest. Her letters catch my attention much more so than emails, postings on facebook or texts. They are personal. I can decide when to look at them. They are easy to post onto my bulletin board and share with my kids. I recycle—passing things along to others. Sending a card to someone is an easy way to highlight a holiday, achievement, greeting, in a personal and thoughtful way.

Sadly a lot of people don’t even know how to write a card. Each holiday I open our mail to find at least half of the holiday cards contain just a signature. Really?.. @$%^%!$..a signature? That’s all you can say to me?

How to write a card? 

  • Pick a nice card. Spend time at the card section to pick a card that suits the individual you are sending. Afraid of the aisles? Choose to send a card that is handmade. (Here’s a link!) Choose to recycle a picture or part of a card by attaching it to another.
  • Recognize the event. A birthday, A marriage, new job, new house.
  • Be yourself! if you abbreviate words—DO it. If you normally are funny - sound funny. If you tend to have long thoughts, express them.
  • Write something personal—something only you and that person might know OR if you don’t know the person well, share something personal. Example: “something I picked out that reminded me of a similar wall hanging we had in our house growing up. Every new home owner needs a few new unique things to claim their new space.”
  • DO NOT say anything that could not be read aloud to others. (Some family’s read their cards aloud to everyone!) Yes.. I did learn this the hard way

My Handmade Greeting Cards

At the end of my hour sewing each day, my floor is covered with scraps.

Pieces are collected and then glued with a glue stick onto pieces of card stock. Many mornings, before beginning to sew I relax by quilting these pieces of card stock. I look at thread to fabric color combinations, I try out new stitching patterns, but mostly, I relax. Each of my handmade card features a portion of each sheet quilted.

At my booth I often ask people if they sew. I like to introduce others to the idea of quilting cardboard. It’s easy, it’s relaxing—and if you goof—nothing is lost.