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Because handmade always has a story

Luce Quilts

Bright Patchwork Color Combinations that Pop

Obsessed with bright colors and patchwork-- I aim to introduce people to color combinations that pop and create art that can be enjoyed for years to come. 

Every item purchased that is handmade comes with a story-- the materials, the time spent making or selecting the item, the reason a handmade item is being gifted. What better way to celebrate a friendship, milestone event than to gift something that can be personal and remembered. 

For years I have sewn for family and friends. Last year a relative suggested becoming a vendor at the local Asian Night Market. From there Luce Quilts has blossomed with an inventory of over 400 items with monthly exposure at events here in St. Paul. 

Luce Quilts features art and household items with color combinations that pop. Textile items for the home should be put to use and are machine washable. Most of the work on this site is my Textile Art. For craft items seen at my booth please visit my Etsy Store.